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Telespar® MASSH-400

Multi-Directionally Activated Sign Support Hardware.


Telespar® is proud to introduce the MASSH-400 ground mounted sign support system. The sign support post is a 4-inch square x 8 gauge steel tube with a Gatorshield® finish to prevent corrosion. The MASSH-400 system is designed to be impacted from any direction unlike typical beam posts, and is field fit with the ability to hold up to 72 ft ²  of sign area per post in a 90 mph wind zone.

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Telespar® Sign Support System

The Telespar® system is available with three types of posts: galvanized steel tubing with perforated holes on all four sides, Qwik-Punch® posts, which are made with 7/16” knockouts, 1’ on the center on all four sides and the round sign system with socket and wedge. 

Telespar® is primarily designed for signpost usage but is adaptable for identification signage, parking meter posts, barricades and numerous other applications.

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Telespar® Gatorshield Round Sign Post System

Rounding Out the Line of Traffic Sign Supports


The Telespar® round sign system with socket and wedge provides superior corrosion resistance and strength benefits, demonstrating 50ksi yield strength resulting from Allied’s signature inline galvanizing process (see sidebar for details).

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Telespar® Temporary Sign Product

Reusable, Adjustable & Easy to Assemble


The Telespar® temporary sign skids help construction to keep moving, causing no delays. Telespar® skids can help to get the job done quicker. With our easy assembling and maneuvering system, you can reposition your signage quickly allowing more time for performing other tasks. 

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