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Specification Language for Municipal Sign Post Contracts


Tubing shall be authentic TELESPAR® conforming to manufacturers’ standards. Tubing shall be corner welded by high-frequency resistance welding and externally scarfed to agree with corner radii to ensure telescoping action and breakaway function is congruent to Telespar's FHWA testing conditions. 



Galvanized finish, roll formed from 12 gauge (.105 U.S.S. Gauge) hot rolled steel, galvanized material ASTM A-653 Grade 50.

Average minimum yield strength after cold forming is 60,000 PSI.




Pre-Galv Plus™ – Galvanized conforming to ASTM specification A-653 des. G-90. Corner weld is zinc coated after scarfing operation. Tubing then receives a conversion coating and a clear organic polymer topcoat.



Convexity and Concavity – Measured in the centre of the flat side, tolerance is ± .010 inch applied to the specific size determined at the corner.

Straightness Tolerance – Permissible variation in straightness is 1/16" in 3 feet.


Corner Radii – Standard corner radius is 5/32" ± 1/64".


Weld Flash – Weld flash on corner welded square tubing shall permit 9/64" radius gauge to be placed in the corner.


Telescoping – Using 12 gauge (.105) square tube, consecutive size tubes shall telescope freely for ten feet.


Length Tolerance – The length of each post shall have a permissible length tolerance of +/- 1/4”


Hole Tolerance – Tolerance on hole size is ± 1/64" on a 7/16" hole size. Tolerance on hole spacing ± 1/8" in 10 feet.

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