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North America's most trusted sign support.

The Telespar Advantage.

Telespar®, the original telescoping breakaway sign support system, holds several distinct advantages over the competition.


Performance Tested: The Industry Standard

Using the recommended installation method, street signs are securely fastened to posts with rivets or bolts, and the square post design provides greater torsional and wind load stability.

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Save on Installation

Telespar sign posts are installed easily by using either a direct embedded method or breakaway anchor system.

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Decide on Safety

The Telespar System was the first to be used effectively in a yielding breakaway concept for small sign-support systems.

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Demand Quality

The quality of North American made Telespar sign posts help to reduce costs over the lifetime of the product. Superior corrosion resistant coatings and quality steel make the difference. 

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Stocked Distributors

Backed by strong distribution teams across North America. Telespar is highly available in Canada and the USA.

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Generic square posts with holes are not safe to use on North American roads.
Trust Telespar.

If your square perforated galvanized post arrived in a shipping container, it is likely uncertified for use on North American roadways. Installing an uncertified post places lives at risk because their behaviour upon impact has not been crash tested.

Ask for certified Telespar® by name.  Our network of authorized resellers will ensure that the product you are installing is authentic, has been crash tested & is approved for safe use on our roadways.


Engineered for Safety.

The Telespar system was the first to be used effectively in a yielding breakaway concept for small sign-support systems. Telespar is FHWA approved and in compliance with AASHTO specifications.

The engineered system of integrated parts enables you to mount signs back-to-back and on adjacent sides. It is designed to make adjustment, reinforcement and splicing fast and easy. Reducing time spent in the danger zone, roadside, performing installation and maintenance duties. By utilizing a square tube, Telespar also exhibits superior wind load capabilities and torsional stability.

The system is primarily designed for signpost usage but is adaptable to identification signage, parking meter posts, barricades and other traffic applications.


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